Three State Famous

I perform as Scott "The Doc" Lowe with Three State Famous. We play around the Northern Virginia and DC area, and occasionally travel around the east coast. We have played hundreds of gigs the past four years, including twice at the Front Royal Virginia Wine & Craft Festival, two Raw Artists Festivals (winning best band in Richmond), Shagfest, Bradstock, Forgotten Arts festival. We've played at dozens of great venues in Northern Virginia, and with the recent addition of a stage truck, we'll be playing many more outdoor and impromptu shows.

The Doc EP, Dumfries 1885

I'm in the process of writing a concept album in the same vein as my song "The Drifter" on our second Three State Famous album, "Suburban Street Trash." It is from the point of view of a man from my hometown 130 years ago, in a style that will attempt to blend that era with the present. I'm very excited about it, and I'll be posting more information here during the recording phase.

"Bad" Mike Badura of Three State Famous will be recording and mastering the album, and he's phenomenal at what he does. His business, Old Mine Entertainment, is responsible for recording a growing number of artists in the Woodbridge area, and I'm proud to work with him.

Harp and Theory

I'm working on a new approach to playing diatonic harmonica that I haven't seen written about before. Check it out here, I'll be putting plenty of charts and rambling notes as I progress and figure it out.

I've also written a layout generator for pentatonic scales for the harmonica in all positions. It's very helpful, so if you play, be sure to try it out.


If you have a project and are local to the NoVa area looking for a harp player, hit me up and I'll let you know if I'm free for it. Recordings, live performances, acoustic or electric, I'm down for any and all opportunities.